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Planning a party in Montclair, CA? Our  Montclair party planning page provides  information regarding event rentals, event services, venue locations, food services, etc. At Magic Jump Rentals, we strive to make your party planning process as easy and convenient as possible. Below you will find some suggestions and information for planning an event in Montclair, California.

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Montclair Party Rentals

Montclair Bounce Houses, Montclair Bouncers Montclair inflatable rentals Montclair slide rental, Montclair water slides Water slide rentals Montclair Obstacle Courses, Montclair Obstacle Rentals Montclair Interactive Games, Montclair Games Rental  race track rental Montclair Mechanical Bull Rental
Projector Screen Rentals climbing wall rentals Photo Booth rentals Montclair Table Chair Rental, Montclair Chair Rental Montclair Carnival Game Rentals Montclair Concession machine rentals Montclair party equipment rentals Montclair Party Rentals, Montclair Event Rentals
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Montclair Parks & Facilities

Inflatable Rental Process - Montclair Parks Website

1) Call 951-425-5558 to acquire a permit

2) Contact Us to rent an inflatable and a generator

3) Fill out Additional Insurance Request (if necessary) and fax or email to Magic Jump Rentals.

Fax: 818-848-0353


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Montclair DJ Service


Montclair Live Entertainment

fun factory parties live entertainment

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Montclair Party Planners

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Montclair Food Catering

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Montclair Event Venues

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Montclair Petting Zoo

Montclair Petting Zoo Rental

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